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Sometimes, a few words can sum up the wisdom of a thousand.

Zokhep short link hi kan han siamna chhan chu, social network-ah te hian website dah phal loh an nei ṭhin a, chumi pumpelh theihna atan theih ang tâwkin kan han siam ve a ni.

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He short link hi a ṭangkai thei ang bera hman kan tum ang a, chuvângin kan ṭhiante ṭheuh hnênah kan inhrilh chhâwng zêl dawn nia

― Steve Jobs

Creativity is just connecting things.

Hriat ve mai mai ah. Thufing tawitê

A nuam apiang umtu chuan a hrehawm pawh a umpha thuai thin.

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I tan a thlawn liau liauvin a in register theih reng e.

Zokhep khup. A hriat lohzia inhre lo chu a hriatnain a la hruaisual ngei ang.

Hlawhtlinna hnai ber chu theihtâwp chhuah phawt hi a ni e, an tia lawm. 😋

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